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new beginnings

So, in one morning I not only set up my very own blog site, but I also joined twitter!

so, here’s to new beginnings and stepping out of my comfort zone, aith the prospect of Greater Things that are yet to come!

This might sound a bit dumb, but for me it’s a big thing.

Many friends urged me to start my own blog on which to share testimonies etcetera, and seeing that I study communications and we have to blog ANYWAY, I figured I might just as well give it a shot (this was pretty much my motivation for joining Twitter too!)


It’s my honest intention to share updates on what’s happening in the world of Revival, in my own life and general testimonies with you guys on a regular basis.

If you’d like, you can contact me personally at, or use my (old and trusted) companion Facebook to connect at Cornelia Grace (that’s my Facebook profile name)

May you be greatly blessed and continue to grow in intimacy with God, that you might learn the secrets of darkness and see for yourself the Glory of His face!


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