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walking on water

  • So, His People Potchefstroom is having an Encounter Holy Spirit series during the week of Pentecost.

On Monday night Rice Broocks (president of Every Nation International) spoke on FAITH, and shared scripture from Galatians 3:1 – 5, and on Thursday we’re having a Holy Spirit and Fire baptism service. *Super Excited!!*

(I’ll share some notes on Pastor Rice’s sermon later in this post)

Anyway, last night I had coffee with my mum at the 24-hour Wimpy on the Bult, and as we were sharing testimony and chatting, I suddenly realised something that I’d known for a while, but never quite GOT, and this is it:

Walking on water requires you to NOT live in the desert.

Oftentimes people will say that you have to get out of the boat if you want to walk on water, which is true, but as I sat in Wimpy I just realised that we need to DIG a WELL of Living Water.

You need to constantly be filled with Holy Spirit and POSITION yourself for a miracle.

  • Pastor Rice spoke on the Galatians that started out in the Spirit, but lost momentum along the way. Paul chastised them, asking whether they thought they could get miracles by good deeds if, when they started out, miracles happened because the stepped out in Faith. (Galatians 3:1-5)

Just hearing a word does not mean you believe it.

If you BELIEVE (have faith) and ACT (receive) on the word of Faith, it is then that God responds.

Hereby I don not mean that God does not answer prayers that are called out in desperation, but there are many examples in scripture where miracles happened because of someones FAITH, whether they were Jews or Gentiles.

If God were driven by desperation there wouldn’t be famine, or war, or sickness (those things are not from Him anyway), but He responds to FAITH.

  • Acts 14:8 speaks of a man from Lystra that had been lame since birth, who listened to Paul’s sermon. Now, let’s say this guy was 18 years old. Can you imagine not walking for 18 years? Yeah, that’s just another day-in-the-life-of for this guy.

Anyway, while he was preaching, Paul looks into the crowd and scripture says he saw this guy’s faith and he called out to him to get up and walk.

In my opinion, Paul was a pretty charismatic guy, so I don’t imagine that he “called out” in *hushed tones*, I think it was rather something like this:


LAME GUY: Who? Me?

PAUL: Yeah — you! Get up!

and scripture says that the guy just got up and walked.

Now THAT is a miracle!

The guy didn’t say or do anything to prove his faith, but when Paul spoke to him, he acted on the WORD, and got his miracle.

I love miracles! I love miracle testimonies! Because they just prove how awesome God is, and how much He loves you, and how good He is, and how powerful He is!

  • Mark 4 speaks on the parable of the seed. The enemy will never waste an opportunity to steal and corrupt the seed sown in your life. As long as he can keep you from BELIEVING the word you have heard, he can keep you from ACTING on it. Passive Christians make the devil happy, because it’s a guaranteed holiday for him.

In the same way that worry is at the back of your mind sometimes, (you carry on with work, but its till there, peeking it’s head out) so scripture should be meditated on. The WORD is LIVING and POWERFUL — its active seed! You cannot have faith, and keep on worrying — that’s doublemindedness.

  • Mark 2:1 tells about Jesus preaching the Word to a whole house full of people, but there’s no evidence in scripture that it meant anything to them, because they did not believe. However, there’s this other lame guy (also lame from birth) and his four crazy friends who HEARD that Jesus healed people, and they’re just like “no matter what it takes — you’re walking out of this place!” so they ACT on the WORD, (and quite radically at that!) by digging a hole through a roof!

Now, I don’t imagine the roof was only 1 cm thick, and I suppose they had to make the hole pretty big for a GUY to fit through!

So, just picture this:

Jesus, preaching to a room full of people. One guy in the corner is taking notes, but only so he can quiz Jesus on it later on. And the rest of the people are acting interested while secretly thinking “what’s for dinner?”

Then, suddenly, pieces of plaster starts raining down, and next thing there’s this giant hole in the roof with four guys staring down at the crowd below, and down comes the lame guy.

Verse 8: If you reason in unbelief, you will figure out some way to discredit the Word (seed)

Verse 6: If you ACT in FAITH, you will find creative ways to get to HIM.

For this guy and his friends, it meant digging through a roof. The literally PRESSED IN for His attention.

Unbelief is rooted in bad thinking. With every step you take away from God, you will find fellow Doubters, guaranteeing you that you’re doing the right thing.

  • Romans 10:6 says righteousness is attained by FAITH.

Real faith does not ask who’s going to heaven, or what is being poured out.

When God sent Holy Spirit, He gave us everything we need. THE WORD IS NEAR YOU! IN YOUR MOUTH! AND IN YOUR HEART! When you believe and profess, the begging stops, and God responds to your FAITH.

  • John 3:16 says that salvation is for those who believe.
  • 1 John 5 says that we overcome by faith.
Matthew 17:20

So, if I’m getting this, (which I believe I do) Faith is a pretty big deal to God.

The cool thing though is that we don’t have to have a LOT of faith, but only enough to move a mountain — which is Faith the size of a Mustard Seed.

  • On Tuesday morning I listened to a sermon by pastor PJ Smythe, (from GodFirst Church in Jozi) on a Dog‘s Faith.
  • Matthew 15 :21 tells the story of a Canaanite woman who came to Jesus, and begged Him to deliver her daughter who was demon-posessed.

That doesn’t sound too irrational — any mother would want her daughter to be alright, right?

The thing is, this woman is a foreigner. Jesus’s job description was to show Father to the JEWS, it was the disciples job to reveal Him to the rest of the world once He went back, Jesus basically tells this woman to get lost. But, she is so desperate, and has faith that He can heal her daughter, that she keeps asking hIm, even though He told her to go away, and calls her a dog. (That’s like saying “bitch” to someone’s face, but worse! In those days, dogs were lower than scum!)

But this woman is a never-say-die, and keeps pressing in, insisting that He helps her.

Look at Jesus’ response in verse 28, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted!”  And scripture then says that her daughter was immediately healed.

  • So, to get back to the punchline about walking on water, my question is this —

what ACT of FAITH do you have to do to get breakthrough?

Ezekiel prophesied to bones and they became an army. There is power in WORDS, so I challenge you to ACT on the WORD you have heard, and step out in FAITH, to speak Life into dead circumstances.

For the woman who suffered from bleeding, (Mark 5:25 – 34) it meant risking her life by pressing into a crowd, (if she fell and got hurt she would bleed to death on the spot) only to touch Jesus’ hem.

I’m shure there’s something that you’re trusting God for, and maybe it takes a prophetic act to bring breakthrough, but in my opinion, if you’re trusting God for a car, it’s MUCH easier to wash your neighbour’s car prophetically, then it was for the other guys who had to act by digging a hole through the roof!

So, here’s my challenge:

Position yourself for a miracle! Don’t be satisfied with desert dwelling, but dig a well of Living Water that you might be constantly filled with FAITH for the IMPOSSIBLE!


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