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Lazarus and the Fire

there once was a man named Lazarus,

So, I figured raising the dead shouldn’t be too hard, now that you’ve learned how to walk on water.

So, I figured raising the dead shouldn’t be too hard, now that you’ve learned how to walk on water.

About a week ago, I had a very upsetting dream about two rhinos being killed. The moment I woke up, (at 07:00 sharp) I sat upright and the first thing that flashed through my mind was, “Eloff, would you pray for a rhino to be resurrected?”

 My good friend @Eloff Pretorius is a revivalist down in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

They’ve been in revival for a couple of years now, and I’ve visited them a few times over the past two years. One of my greatest pleasures is to see how the church has grown and matured every time I go back. In 2011, Eloff went to Heidi and Roland Baker‘s HARVEST SCHOOL (IRIS MINISTRIES), in Mozambique where he spent three months in missions training and discipleship. One of his testimonies upon return was that one of the guys on the team prayed for a guy who was dead, and the bottom line is that the guy isn’t dead anymore.

Over the past two months I’ve heard so many testimonies about the dead being raised! It really excites me! Nothing is impossible for God — Death could not hold HIM down!

One of the stories was told to me by @Ryan Schoeman. He’s 21 and has been in full-time ministry since he was 18. In January they went on outreach in the township. One of the ladies came to them and told them that a young boy had died of HIV. Ryan and the team that he was with went into the house and they prayed for an hour or two, then, when nothing happened, they moved on to other houses to pray for more sick people. Ryan told me that the boy was already stiff, and he figured since everyone was leaving, he could do what he likes, because no one was there to stop him. So, he took the boy’s arms and yanked him, and told him to get up, and next thing, the boy sits upright and opens his eyes!

NOW try to tell me that God does not exist!!

There are many examples from scripture where dead people are raised. Some passages include:

  • Luke 7:11- 17
  • Acts 2:32
  • Acts 3:15
  • Mark 2:1-12
  • Acts 2:17
  • Acts 2:1-47
  • Ezekiel 37:13
  • John 5:21
  • 2 Corinthians 4:14
  • Acts 10:38

There are loads more. It’s no wonder half of these passages are from Acts — God did not mean for Holy Spirit to be a nice fireplace accessory. He sent Holy Spirit to EMPOWER us, in expanding His Kingdom.

Scripture often speaks about physical death and spiritual death, and I believe the two aren’t that far apart!

On Saturday (19 May) we had a REBOOT conference with Pastor Uba Bapetel from Every Nation Midrand. It was so powerful! One of the things she shared with the women from Every Nation North West was a story about her 17-year-old daughter that needed an operation to fix a feeble kneecap. Her daughter had to be put under narcosis so that the specialists could do the necessary work, without waking her from pain.

Pastor Uba pointed out that, when you sleep and someone slaps you — you wake up! Or, if you sleep and someone cuts you — you’ll wake up. But, when you sleep the sleep of death, it’s not the case — you just go on sleeping, and unless someone (the doctor) wakes you up, you’ll continue sleeping indefinitely in a comatose state. In the spirit, the sleep of death does exactly the same thing — it numbs you and paralyzes you, keeping you away from the things God has called you to. The enemy loves it when we are in the dark, without hope or identity or purpose, in short — when we are passive.

Some of the scriptures Pastor Uba shared on waking up out of the sleep of death included Psalm 30:5 and Psalm 13:3.

Oftentimes we experience circumstances that seem hopeless and lifeless. If you check out Ezekiel 37, you’ll see Ezekiel spoke to a bunch of dry and dead bones and they became ALIVE. In fact, scriptures say they became an ARMY.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve given this some thought, and if God told me to go to a cemetery and speak to a crowd of tombstones, I’d probably be a little freaked out. And, I’d probably find a very plausible excuse for not doing it. . . But, Ezekiel obeyed, and spoke LIFE into the dead bones.

Life and Death is in the tongue, and God CREATED by speaking, so when we speak to bones/ circumstances/ finances/ relationships, etcetera, it’s a powerful thing!

Isaiah 55:11 says that God’s Word cannot return void, it HAS to carry out the work that it has been sent to do. When God’s WORD connects with the situation it has been sent out to, it changes the atmosphere so that circumstances become on earth as it is in heaven.

 In other words, when God’s prophesy over us, His plans for us connect with our dead circumstances; it’s literally a WAKE-UP CALL in the Spirit!

Matthew 10:8 saysHeal the sick, RAISE THE DEAD, cleanse those with leprosy, cast out demons. Freely you have received, now freely give.”

The Message translation reads, “Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons. You have been treated generously, so live generously.”

Last week our church celebrated Pentecost by hosting Encounter Holy Spiritevenings. (I wrote on this in my earlier blog — Walking on Water) Throughout the week I meditated on the PRACTICALITY of Holy Spirit. As sons and co-heirs we’re supposed to work with Jesus and Holy Spirit in expanding the Kingdom, and one of the ways in which we do it is through signs and miracles. Basically, we are called to imitate Christ, as He imitates Father. Thus, by walking in Identity, we really represent God in the physical and the spiritual.

This brings me back to Lazarus and Pastor Uba.

My sister’s dog died last night, but we only discovered it this afternoon.

When I heard about Tingo’s passing I cried out and, stupid as it may sound, I laid hands on her and prayed in tongues. And as I was praying, I suddenly remembered my dream about the Rhinos.

When I woke up from the dream I messaged Eloff, and asked whether he would pray for rhinos to be resurrected, and he said yes, he had thought about practising on animals. In fact, he said that earlier that week he and a few guys from the Fire Starters cell-group prayed for a sick man, and he watched the man die. Eloff said afterward that Christians need to step up. People shouldn’t die.

I’ll skip the theological side to that argument for the sake of sticking to the topic at hand.

But I do agree with this — death sucks.

Jesus defeated death, He defeated the grave. He defeated sickness. In fact, in my opinion, sickness is just a diluted form of death. So, when circumstances suck or are unhealthy, or just plain dead, it’s something that Jesus has already overcome.

Pastor Uba shared some more on her daughter’s operation and then said “the nightmare will end when you decide that you’ve had enough.” Psalms 30:5 says that weeping may last, in other words, it’s not a given, it’s a variable, but joy WILL COME in the morning! When the light of His word enters, when LIFE enters, the darkness has to give way. You can only wake up from the sleep of death when you are connected to God, i.e. when your spirit is awake to His Spirit. This brings me to the FIRE- part of my post.

One of the ways I get my Spirit Man to wake up fastest is by praying in tongues. Over the past week I just realised more and more that my life would SUCK without Holy Spirit.

When we pray in the Spirit, Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf, and spiritual atmospheres are shifted through mere words. Scripture says that the prayers of the righteous are effective. Through Christ we are made righteous, thus our prayers are effective because our words carry authority.

My sister’s dog is still dead, and I haven’t found any rhinos to pray over, but I’m encouraged by the fact that Jesus has this in the bag!

GOD + ME = the impossible becomes POSSIBLE

It’s so easy to spend time talking about what you want to do and not doing it, so this is my challenge for you — perhaps it’s time to stop moaning about your meagre finances and carry out a prophetic act.

One of the things we did at REBOOT was to bring R10’s worth of R1-coins, and use our change to make a change. Or perhaps, it’s time that you join a Treasure Hunt, or go on a hospital outreach.

I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I’m going to start hanging around dead guys more often.

After all, you can’t walk on water if you live out in the desert, so I suppose you can’t raise the dead if you never visit the morgue. I’ve heard of many places that now have full-time DRT (Dead Raising Teams) on staff, and that sounds like a pretty good place to start. So, who wants to go raise some dead circumstances/ people/ dogs/ rhinos — NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!! And all it takes is a WORD!

Deuteronomy 30:14 MSG  “No. The word is right here and now – as near as the tongue in your mouth, as near as the heart in your chest. Just do it!”



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