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taste and see

The other day, as I was getting dressed, Holy Spirit reminded me about Psalm 38 verse 8. It says:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good,”

And, in that instance, I just realised the significance of seeking out God’s presence.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never tasted something with my eyes, yet scripture says this is how we see God’s goodness.

This is just so significant for me!

When we catch a hint of Him we’ll be able to see His goodness.

It’s sort of like walking past a coffee shop, and smelling the freshly ground roast. Your stomach immediately crunches together and your mouth feels dry and you suddenly think, “Oh my hat, I really feel like a cup of coffee right now.” Even if you’re not a coffee-fan, you’ll understand what I’m referring to!

Psalm 37 verse 4advises to delight yourself in the Lord, and Psalm 36 describes Him as a fountain of delight. From experience, I can agree with the Psalmist when he says in Psalm 84 verse 10 that it is better to spend a single day in His presence than to be the doorkeeper to His court for a thousand years.

This reminds of the High Priest, entering the Most Holy once a year, doesn’t it?

Can you imagine being that close to His presence, but never actually entering it?

I am continually overjoyed (really an understatement) when I think about the significance of Jesus’ death and sacrifice. Apart from the fact that His death saved us from eternal damnation and death, He made a new covenant with Father, giving us the right to enter His presence when ever we want!

That’s just the coolest thing ever!

As His children, we get to charge into the room unannounced (yes — He knew you were coming anyway) and just jump into His lap and say “Daddy, gimme a kiss!” And because He is a brilliant Father and a good God, He’ll never deny you His love.

So, this is the revelation I had while brushing my hair — the more time we spend in the quiet place the more familiar we become with Father’s face. It’s like being able to trace the lines of His smile, with your eyes closed. And as we taste the delights of His presence, as we discover the secrets of darkness, as we watch Him move and breathe and rule and love, we get to see His goodness.

Isn’t that cool?

If you want to see more of God you have to make time to go and taste Him.

I find that I see and experience and witness so much more of God’s goodness the more time I spend with Him. And it’s literally as if I start seeing things like He does. It’s as if I hear His heart beat just inches away from my ear. And when I look at something or someone, I hear His voice saying “You know what? THIS is how I see it. Isn’t it good?”

So, my challenge for you is to seek out His presence, that you might taste His goodness and see it manifest in the world around you. And in your journey, may you grow in intimacy with Him, and get to know the wrinkles of His smile, that you might be able to describe Him to others in the most significant way so that they too might TASTE and SEE!


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