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it’s a Love Story

How it all began:
There once was a King who ruled over the universe.
He was Regal. And real handsome too. He was gentle and kind. And all who entered His court could do nothing other than bow down in worship.
Throughout the world He is known as a Righteous Judge.
He is known for His mercy and grace.
He is known as the Source of all Wisdom.
He is known as a Father to His children.
He is known as the mighty Sovereign.
This Great King has a Son, His only Son. The King loves His Son so much that it is not within human ability to put it down in words, thus, just take my word for it — the Father loves His Son. The Prince sits at His Father’s right hand and helps Him rule and govern the Universe and everything in it.
One day the King was sitting with His Son, when He said “Let’s do something fun. Let’s make Something New. Something Special. Let’s make something that we’ve never made before!” The Prince ,who loved hanging out with His Dad, immediately agreed. He knew the Father always had good plans, and that His plans always worked out good.And, sure enough, it was guaranteed that this New Thing, this Special Something, was going to be good. 
So, then the King and the Prince sat down and they planned with great care, and unmeasurable love, with great precision, and to the smallest detail, their Special Something. And in the end, it turned out that it was not a Special Something at all. No, instead it was omething, no SOMEONE, much greater. The King and the Prince created a MAN called Adam.
Adam was perfect! He looked exactly like the King and the Prince — it was as if they were family, which in deed they were! The King and the Prince created Adam in their likeness.
Adam was accepted as a Prince into the Kings’s house, and he and the King would walk in the Garden every evening and they would discuss life and creation and wisdom and government. And they would talk about love.
because above all else, the King was known for His great love.
His love is unlike any other.
It is kind. And unconditional. And insurmountable. And unmeasurable. And stupendous.
The King’s love embodied Him. When you looked into the King’s eyes you could see only one thing, and it was love.
Well, it’s a long story. And you definitely want to read the Original version — it’s the greatest Love Story you’ll ever read!!
So, what I’m really saying, is that, just like Adam, you are created in the King’s image.
When He looks into your eyes, He really sees the Prince, and he sees you — His perfect and flawless and special creation. And He falls in love with you all over again!
He planned everything about you. And He called it good.
You are Royalty.
You have destiny.
And as a Royal Heir, that destiny does NOT include living on a rubbish dump.
You know, there are many prosperity teachers out there. Many.
Pray this and this, and declare so and so, and it will come to pass. And I believe it will, because there is power in words.
But I find myself asking, is this it? Is prosperity the only thing that makes it worthwhile to be Christian?
I think not.
Definitely not.
You know, this morning I sat in a coffee shop with a friend discussing love and life and children and dogs and the King.
I’ve known her for the past two years, but mainly only because she studies the same course as me and we talk sometimes, but I really don’t know that much about her at all. Anyway, we were just having a chat, and then half way through, God just stirred at my heart to talk about marriage and love and accountability.
Oh, I am always so pleasantly surprised at how GOOD He is at setting up dates and Devine Encounters!
He really is good at networking!
Anyway, so, it turns out she grew up in a very conservative Church home. But, she had really started pursuing God about two years ago, and as we chatted, I discovered that she had undergone many of the journeys I took as a young Christian.
One of the things we immediately agreed upon when it came to LOVE, is that Frog Kissing was NOT AN OPTION.
This is the 21st century and times certainly have changed, but I do belive that some things are still non-negotiable. Not because it’s moral or because you decided to be a nun or a monk for the rest of your life, or because you’re really just afraid of admitting the truth. But one of the things that I regard as non-negotiable, is treating Royalty like Trash.
Speaking as a woman, for me, one of the saddest things is seeing how God’s Children, and even those who do not know that they really aren’t orphans, forget that they are royalty, and allow themselves to be treated like trash.
I won’t go into the Princess and Prince discussion, but I’m pretty certain that, when God says He has good things planned for us, those plans do not include heartache and abuse and stress and crying through the night.
When I see someone, Heaven’s Treasure, being treated as worthless junk, I get a glimpse of Holy Spirit‘s heart, and the sorrow that rips it apart when Children don’t realise their Identity. When they don’t realise they the are worthy of Love.
I think it’s a built-in Mothering Device — the ability to love. That’s why God is so good at picking you up and dusting of your knees and  kissing you, saying “It’s going to be all right. I’ve got your back.”
In December 2011, God spoke to me a lot about having my back. In all things. Not just the prosperity-huggy-feely-please-don’t-cry kind of things. In case I forgot, He just reminded me that He was God. Almighty God. The One who holds EVERYTHING in His hands. The One who calms a storm with a single word. And if that’s not enough credit on a CV, He just reminded me that He is also a really GOOD FATHER.
You might have heard it before. And I sure hope you did. But, He really loves you, and as a Father, He really just wants the UTMOST best for you — the apple of His eye! And He will do anything to keep you safe. No Sacrifice is too high a price. Then again, He already paid the full price. Jesus cancelled all debt against your name.
So, don’t you think it’s about time that you live worthy of that Sacrifice?
I think that Mothering has a lot to do with Fathering. And that’s why God is good at both.
Mothers are vital for Love. They hug you and put you to bed. They teach girls how te be ladies. They teach boys manners. They teach you about love and the teach you how to love.
Fathers are vital for Identity. They discipline you and they have your back when you’re up against the wall. They teach ladies how to be women. They teach boys to be men. And they teach you about playing catch and taking out the trash, and they tell you bedtime stories.
I believe Love and Identity are ultimately the two most important ingredients in a Royal Bloodline — Blood that flows through your veins. The same Blood that paid the ultimate Sacrifice on a cross.
One of my favourite childhood memories is my dad’s infamous wolf-and-jackal folk tales. My sister and I would call him back into the room up to three or four times each night to hear “just one more story.” We had heard them all a thousand times, but still it was one of the greatest pleasures to hear him twist and change the story (under our severe protest) untill we finally fell asleep.
As we grow up we no longer need people to tell us bedtime stories.
Instead, I find that we often look for fairy tales in different places.
Somehow we all still have that built-in desire to live in a castle (maybe in Beverly Hills) and have trusty steed (who wouldn’t want a brand new car with all-the-lastest-of-eerything-to-go?) and a Happily Ever After.
Now, this might just be a girl thing, but I believe that guys go through the same things — even if the coating is different. (Or care to admit it!!)
Girls grow up playing Wedding-Wedding with their mum’s tea net and you proudly parade up and down the hallway, clutching a withered and miserably squashed bouquet of flowers. You marry Barbie to Ken and they live happily ever after. And they never fight. Even though Barbie has to wear the same wedding dress to each of her forty weddings.
As you grow up, you daydream about Prince Charming. You plan the wedding on Pintrest, and before you know it, you already named you seventh child — without even having met the guy!!
Look, the media certainly isn’t helping our cause here, because they spoon-feed warped and cheap versions Romance and Love and Sex and make it all seem really easy and expendable. It seems to me that Love has become something you can add a price tag on, and not worry about, until after the honeymoon when you get back home and find a pile of bills on your welcome mat.
However, that’s not AT ALL how God wants it to be. You don’t believe me? Check out Song of Solomon for yourself.
In fact, being of Royal decent, you are worthy of more than a quicky-in-the-backseat kind of love.
Jesus calls you His Bride. And this goes for the dudes too.
You are His Beloved — His most Treasured Possession.
He paid everything so that He could spend Eternity with YOU.
Yes, YOU!
The world isn’t short on advice about how to find Mr. / Mrs. Right.
And it’s not short on lies either.
How many times have you heard things like,
  • “Statistics say that there are four girls to every guy, so I’ll probably never get married.”
  • “You know, He might not be Mr. Right, but at least he’s Mr. Right Now.”
  • “You can’t have your cake and it eat it.”
  • “Happy marriages only happen in movies.”
  • “I guess I’ll never find my Mr. Darcy.”
  • “Girls are gold diggers.”
  • “Girls become clingy and demanding once you marry, so it’s better to just stay until the welcome mat is worn out.”
  • “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.”
  • “If he’s no a business trip and he doesn’t phone as soon as he gets there you can be sure he’s cheating.”
  • “Rules are meant to be broken.”
  • “If God didn’t want me to have sex before I get married, why did He activate my sex drive before then?”
  • “You sure have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.”


  • “You have to sample the milk before you buy the cow.”


The devil is an old hand at love triangles and lies and untruths in general. He’s great at ruining relationships. And he definitely won’t sit on the back porch, idly paging through the Sunday Times while you, dear brother and sister, have a heart worthy of the King’s love!

Do you want to know the real reason the devil hates you?

The real reason he spends his entire career trying to ruin your life?

It’s quite simple actually — you look like God.

You see, before he was cast out of heaven, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel. It was his job to worship, and he was real good at it too. But he became proud and I guess you could say, it cost him his seat in court.

Every time the devil looks at ou he sees Beauty that cannot be likened to his own — it’s a reflection of the Father, of Jesus, of  Holy Spirit. Every time he sees you he is reminded about everything he had lost. It can be expected that you might not be his favourite person. When he sees you, it’s like poking a bruise repeatedly, until it throbs and becomes so painful that you want to yell out loud. And it’s a pain that will never heal. Ever.

So, as a Bride, don’t you think its time that you really start caring only about your Prince’s opinion?

I recently re-read Tommy Tenney‘s One Night With The King  for the umpteenth time, and one of the things that stood out most, was the fact that Esther was so focused on pleasing the king that everything else passed by in a blur. Another significant thing I picked up was the way the Elder Women discipled Hadassah into womanhood. And how Ester turned to the Chief Eunuch for tried-and-tested wisdom.

I find that in the mist of all this cheap romance going around, there are very few single people out there who truly seek Godly advice on relationships. It’s a fly-by-night trial run, based on a demo that your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend once Googled. Back when computers will still operated by a hamster running on a wheel.

I think we need to come to a place that we agree to some rules. Just as there are certain rules in every household, I believe God also has a few principles that are non-negotiable. Not because He’s a tyrant, but because He is a loving Father who want to protect His child’s heart. Proverbs says to “guard your heart because it is the wellspring of life.”

I’m hoping to post these guidelines soon, so watch this space.

However, I think the main thing you should know, is that you are truly special. And not in a cheap way. Your life is worth the Universe and Beyond. Your life is worth fighting for. There is a raging war going on — two Lords fighting over your heart.

You are Royalty. You have Destiny.

You are not worthy of trashy romances or frog kissing. You are worthy of Father’s love and guidance. You are worthy of Holy Spirit’s comfort and reassurance. You are worthy of a Royal Bridegroom that romances you.

A Bridegroom who gave His life for you.

Consider it His Wedding Gift.


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