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the miracle of LIFE

So, the other day we went to the Public Hospital on outreach.

Most of the people going to the public hospital come from the township, or are transferred from the clinics because more care is needed, or as in most cased, they cannot afford private medical care.

Anyhow, I love hospital outreach! You get to witness and be a part of so many miracles in one night. My one friend, Pastor Jacques Oberholzer, always says that miracles are God’s Love Language, ’cause when He heals someone He’s just saying “I love you!” all over again! And I totally agree. God is good, and through Jesus’s sacrifice the full price for sin and death was paid. In my opinion, sicness is just a diluted form of death. When God said “it’s done!” He really meant that it was done, in other words, when we are sick it’s from the enemy and not from God. Because God is good and He wants good things for us.

You’ll oftentimes hear that sickness is punishment for sin. Now, let’s just back up a little. Didn’t we just set up the fact that God DEALT with sickness and death, and that He had defeated it.

Isaiah 55 says that we are healed by His stripes. In other words, before Jesus even died, He defeated every possible kind of disease and sickness in existence, and anything the medical science still has to discover — it is dealt with and paid for.

The fact of the matter is that God WANTS to heal, and it’s quite simple too. Matthew 16 verse 17 and 18 says to “Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Cleanse those with leprosy. Drive out demons. Freely you have received, now freely give.” To me, that sounds like a fairly straight forward command — lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. In my earlier posts about acts of faith and raising the dead I discussed the reality and simplicity of healing, so I will not go into detail again.

However, I told you about my coffee shop date with a friend a few days back, didn’t I? Anyhow, we were chatting about her elderly dog and the death of my sister’s dog a month ago. And we had said how it’s so sad when a loved pet dies. Next thing we discussed how sad it is that some people just throw their babies away. In Africa it’s not an uncommon thing to hear about babies found in garbage bins or in sewers. It’s not strange to see posters for illegal abortions on lampposts. Yet there are so many couples who would really like to have a child, but are unable to.

Now, before this gets too mopey, I’ll just get around to what I’m really getting at — I find myself asking, “if it’s so sad when a dog dies, do I care half as much about the people who are dying without Jesus?”

It’s easy to pray for someone, and when they get healed — in part or completely — it’s always ample reason to celebrate and give thanks to God. But do you then walk away without presenting that person, who had just for themselves experienced the love of God, the opportunity to start a personal walk with the Author of Love?

So on thursday when we went to the hospital, instead of going to the Men’s ward or the Women’s ward or the ER, where I usually go, I found myself in the Maternity ward. And it was awesome! I loved the Baby ICU and the NeoNatal ward. We weren’t allowed to touch the babies because most of them had been born prematurely, but we did go to the ward next door and we prayed with all the new Mammas. It was so precious! At the time, there were six women in the room of which two were younger girls. We prayed over each of them and blessed their children. It was so cool though — three of the babies were born prematurely on the same day, and they were in hospital for their once-a-month checkup (the mammas, not the babies — they remained in NeoNatal) and all three of them had received the good news that their babies were healthier and stronger and that they would soon be able to go home.

Another woman I met, Loraine, was in hospital because she had a c-section the day before. She was a surrogate mother for a white couple because the woman’s body was too weak to carry a child. We spoke to Loraine for the better half of fifteen minutes and she told us about her six-year-old daughter at home.

I found myself amazed at Medical Science, and Loraine’s love for her own child paired with the compassion for the couple. And I was amazed at the miracle of life.

When everyone came back together we shared testimonies and more than 30 people had been instantly healed and 3 had given their lives to the Lord.

When I got home, I found myself deeply thankful for LIFE.

Scripture says that Jesus came so that we might have LIFE and Life in abundance. I stand in awe of the small miracles and the big miracles and God’s awesomeness in all of it. He holds everything right there in the centre of His hand. Nothing happens without His knowledge. Whether someone lives, or whether they die, or whether they are born, or whether they are resurrected — He knows about it.

Scripture says that the grass withers and dies and that beauty passes away. We are but a breath, but still God values and loves us SO MUCH that He sent Jesus, His only Son, to breath out His last breath and say It is finished!”  so that WE CAN HAVE LIFE.

My prayer for you, is that you might get a new revelation of the Gift of Life. May you come to new insights about God’s great and incomparable love for you. May you see and feel and experience in 3D His love so that you might come to understand the hight and breadth and depth of His love. And may you cherish the miracle of LIFE.


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