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more real than the ground beneath my feet


It autimatically makes you think of chubbly little babies playing harps, doesn’t it? Or it’s some place you get to go someday when you’re dead and you’ve been good, right?


When you YouTube “heaven” you find accounts of people having near-death experiences dharing their stories. Some accounts include individuals who were medically dead, but are now alive again.

Psalms says God is God and He does as He pleases.

This post is not a debate about the reality of heaven, rather, it’s a testimony of God-encounters.

The first time I went to heaven, I met Jesus in a garden. It wasn’t Eden, it was a different garden, even though I cannot explain how I knew that. I was walking with Jesus. He took my hand and lead me through a door. At the other side of the door there was a large hallway, and it lead into the throne room. Jesus was dancing with me. After a while, He took my hand and we walked up some steps. We stood before the Father. Jesus walked up to Father and said: “Dad, I want you to meet my Bride.”

I cannot describe the sheer beauty of Jesus’ face. It was glowing! His eyes drew me to Him, and even though I know there were other things to look at, I was interested in nothing but His face. When we stood before Father, I was overwhelmed by the affirmation of Jesus’s love.

On another occasion, I was in a conference room in heaven. It was a circular room with nine pillars made of white marble. There were three Wise Men I’m the room wearing white robes of thick woven linen. The robes were richly embroidered with gold. The men stupid astound a table that had some sort of trophy on it. It reminded me of the Easter Egg jewels owned by the Romanov family. It was larger though, about the size of a rugbyball. The Egg (for lack of better description) was royal blue and around the middle it had a golden band with inlaid diamonds all around the diameter. The Men used the Egg to interpret governments and kingdoms of history, and of the future.

On Sunday I went to heaven again, and Jesus treated me to candlelit dinner and dancing.

Another time I walked  friend Mandy Ridge’s prophetic painting. The painting became 3D, and I was able to walk on the “walls” because there was no definate “up” or “down”.

I’ve also been to a Library of sorts where all the records of History and Future are kept.

When I go to heaven I someties speak with God is words, but more often than not, I find that I speak to Him in my Spirit tongue, or He would just directly “download” His words into my spiritman, and I would understand without either of us speaking.

I have had other experiences in heaven too, whereGid would affirm my Identity, or teach me things, or we discuss Scripture and He teaches me.

I don’t really know how to explain the “route” to heaven, but scripture says Jesus is the input way to Father.out also says we can boldly approach th Throne of Grace. So, usually I just ask Jesus to meet with ne, and He does. If you struggle focusing, try pitying on some worship- or soaking music or pray in the Spirit.

Encountering God is the singular most important purpose of human existence. We were created to have fellowship with Him. You cannot let others meet Him if you have not saught after His face for yourself.
Seeking out His presence is a dissipline. The reward is most certainly guaranteed to be affirming unconditional love.

If you’d like to know more, or hear of my other trips to heaven, feel free to email me.

May you meet with God in a most intimate and significant way. And may you lead others ro encounter Him too.


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