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To accumulate wealth or riches. To collect in plural. Or, the act of guarding.

When you Google “treasure” you get about 287,000,000 results in 0.25 seconds. Which is, apparently, the same amount of time it takes to make-all-the-difference.

The Bible speaks of treasure quite often.

In Exodus 19:5 MSG God says “I’m begging you listen obediently to what I say and keep my covenant, out of all people you’ll be my special treasure. The whole Earth is mine to choose from,”

He also says that he chose you out of all the people on Earth to cherish, as a personal treasure (Deuteronomy 7:6 MSG)

Scripture also tells us to seek after wisdom like a hidden treasure, and guard it in our hearts.

In the Matthew 13,  the Kingdom is compared to a valuable treasure.

Matthew 13:44 MSG “God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic – what a find! – and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field.

Now, you might wonder why I’m all about the treasure. Well, they broke into our house last night. My mum is out-of-town, and I wasn’t home either. A neighbour phoned her, and then she phoned me, so I went home to do damage control. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. From what the neighbour said, it sounded like the walls were barely standing — everything being strewn about the floor in a state of avid chaos.

Some of my mum’s jewelery has been stolen as well as the TV, the GPS that was in the car, and some cash. However, there is not much damage beside that. The police came to take prints, and everything could be cleaned up. When my mum phoned, I was on my way to class. The first thought that flashed through my mind was: Oh, no! Followed by, atleast-my-sister-isn’t-home-atleast-the-dogs-are-safe-atleast-the-house-still-stands. A petty thought, I know. My friend, Sanet went home with me, to check whether everything was okay.

I know it’s just earthly stuff, and it can easily be replaced. And, beside the fact that it’s a bit creepy to have strangers in your house, poking around in your stuff, I think the thing that bothers me most about this burglary episode is the discomfort it causes. Phone Police. Take fingerprints. Clean up mess. Log the loss.

Even though the car hadn’t been locked, it wasn’t damaged or stolen. But, the thought of having to walk everywhere you really need to go, or having to be dependent on lifts etc. is almost worse than not having a car in the first place.

So, this is what I’m getting at — your treasure should not be in your hand but in your heart.

Yes, I know that’s arguably metaphorical, but the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that it’s true! If your house were, for instance, to burn down — what would you grab? And, more importantly, would that item, in retrospect, really be the most important possession, or would you wish that you rather took something different?

Luke 12:34 says “It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.”

We Earthlings often place most value on the Earthly things — it’s a natural reaction. It’s almost as if it’s a carnal instinct to protect the things you value. Like a wildcat , using its last breath (if need be) to fight predators. Like a mother-hen, spreading her wings over her chicks. Like a savings account, or a pension fund. Like the Lion who roars over Judah.

If we refer back to Matthew 13, I find myself asking whether I would be willing to sell EVERYTHING to get God’s presence as eternal reward. Bye-bye iPhone and fridge and Galaxy SII and video camera and laptop and wardrobe and jewelery and desk and bed and . . . well, the list could become quite lengthy! Also, not that I’m into prosperity teachings, I believe God wants to bless His children, and would not want them to suffer. (Maybe a blog for another day??) The question I’m asking myself is — is His presence the most valuable thing I own?

We are currently running Encounter Evenings every night from July 30, to August 2, where we just soak and wait on God — wait for Him to download Himself into our spirit man — meet with Him face-to-face.

Speaking for myself, I really can’t imagine life without intimacy.


For life. For breath.

If you look at the Hebrew, the word used for Holy Spirit is ruach, which translates into breath. And, if you page back to Genesis, you see scripture saying that God breathed life into Adam. That is, man is really infused with the breath, the life, of God himself. In some instances in the New Testament, you also find scriptures that says Jesus breathed on to His disciples. Now, I don’t know the math, but to breathe into/ on to someone you have to be pretty close to their face. ( I suggest that you rather not do this. Especially if you had garlic the night before. yuck!)

Anyhow, to get back to the topic, God wants to have intimacy with us.

He wants to be so close that He can whisper life into you.

To pull you close like a husband would to his wife and brush her cheek with soft kisses.

With this in mind, it’s really not that hard to see why God calls us His treasured possession. He wants to pull you close to His heart, and hold you close like a family photo album saved from the fire. Or like jewelery you received as a gift from your great-grandmother. With the difference that you are more valuable than any of those things. And, He paid the highest price to get you — the life of his Son, Jesus. It’s a pretty unfair deal if you ask me — sinful, broken people in turn for Holiness, Eternal Life, Glory, intimacy, Righteousness, Purity  . . . ! That’s the way math works in His presence — He turns ashes into beauty and turns sorrow into dancing.

You’ve probably heard people say “put your money where your mouth is,”

Well, God did just that! He spoke out on your behalf and dealt with your sin so that you could live. He sold everything He had to buy YOU! You might not get this now, but I pray that you will – Him giving up all that is a pretty big deal. And the coolest thing about it is that, even if you were the only human being on the planet — He would STILL have paid that same price to ransom your life.

Coming back from Namibia, and even before then, I just realised that the single most important thing is that people should ENCOUNTER God! And not in the I-go-to-church-and-read-my-Bible kind of way. But in the fall-on-your-face-and-cry-out-holy! kind of way. Or, in the My-Child-I-love-you-more-than-anything kind of way. Or, in the most-serene-peace-you’ve-ever-felt kind of way. Or, in the rocks-my-socks kind of way. You know, the coolest thing for me is the fact that God always speaks to each person in a way, or “language” if you would, that person understands and is able to feel comfortable with. Sometimes God surprises us with the way He chooses to show His love, but He is God and he does as He pleases. And I like that!

There really is no way to describe, in earth-language, the intimacy of the Spirit. You can try, but I’ve never been able to really translate the things God whisper to my spirit man to intelligible English.

My prayer for you is that you might really ENCOUNTER Him in the most intimate way. May you find a field of treasure that compares to nothing you’ve ever seen. May you dig deeper and discover the secrets of darkness. May He breath into you and my you have LIFE and life in abundance. And may you always live from the overflow of His great kindness.


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