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learning to fly: Campus Harvest 2012

As part of sharing some of the dreams and visions I’ve had, I’m posting this word that God shared with me on August 18th, 2012 during praise and worship at Campus Harvest in Johannesburg.

I saw an aeroplane yard with many hangars and intersecting runways, as if they were crossroads. Many of the aeroplanes were in the hangars, and even though they weren’t “technically” broken, they weren’t being used — they just stood there: fully equipped but passive.

Visitors from many countries would come to look at the planes, but no one ever flew them (the aeroplanes) and no one ever asked why they weren’t being used.

There were large and small planes — Jumbo Jets and Cessnas.

I saw how one of these aeroplanes rolled out onto the runway. As it taxied along, yellow lines were being painted on the runway as it went. With every inch that the plane moved forward another inch of the line marking the runway would be painted.

I just felt that this was a representation of, not only Every Nation, but many churches in Africa that were fully equipped, but never did that which they had been called to. I felt God say that He’s raising up a generation of “pilots” that will navigate and pioneer the international church. This generation of pilots will be from all over the world, from this generation of students. These pilots will mobilize Boeings and smaller aeroplanes alike, to roll out on the runway they’d been called to. This generation of pilots will also set flight to the things God has prepared for them.


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