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walking with Jesus

Okay, in a previous post (https://firechronicles.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/while-you-were-sleeping/ ) I mentioned that God spoke to me through dreams quite often, so this is the first “dreams” story and testimony that I’ll share with you. If you’ve had similar dreams or supernatural encounters — PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’d love to hear your testimonies!

This is a dream that I had on May 2, 2012.

I dreamt that Valeska, one of my closest friends, and I were standing on a balcony, looking at the stars. It was almost as if we were in a 3D version of Google Sky Maps. We were able to discern different galaxies and the various constellations in them — the heavens were stretched out into infinity in all directions. The stars were swhooshing past us so fast that they left behind an arc of light as the earth rotated. We were standing on this balcony, but the balcony was not connected to anything. It was almost as if we were suspended in mid-air.

English: Pleiades Star Cluster
English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sky was black with dots of white and blue and orange and green — marking bright stars of various sizes. It was almost as if we were watching a collage of golf balls and tennis balls unfold on a canvas before us. The stars rotated around one another, and around the balcony on which we were standing. We watched as the constellations — named and unnamed — seemed to play “connect the dots”.

We were standing on the balcony, talking, when Valeska suddenly jumped over the railing and dove into a spiral galaxy. I thought she’d fall through the stars, but they were “soupy”. (That’s the closest description I can give it!)

I watched as she bobbed in the stars, and dove in too! We then swam through the stars. The balcony eventually faded out of sight.

Next thing I knew, we were swimming past various drawings of houses. The houses looked like children’s drawings on white paper. However, you could clearly discern the type of building. There was a picture of a mosque, a castle, a cape-dutch house, and a few others. I don’t know whether the pictures of the houses grew bigger, or whether we became smaller, but I knocked on the front door of a house with white Grecian pillars on the front. It immediately made me felt as if I walked in on the Roman Era — a different country and time!

Anyhow, before I could finish knocking, a smallish woman opened the door and asked Who I Was Looking For. I replied in Hebrew (by the way — I can’t speak any Hebrew, but I instinctively knew that this was the language she spoke and understood) and told her that I was looking for Hach Massiach. She was dressed in white and her hair was covered by a scarf. She opened the door, and told Valeska and I to follow her.

The inside of the house was even smaller than it had looked on the outside when we were looking at the picture. The hallways were so narrow that we had to turn sideways to be able to move down them!

Anyhow, the Front Door Woman (as I called her) opened a door to her right and told me: ” He is expecting you.”

We entered the room, which had wooden floors and was decorated in a style that I cannot describe other than saying it was “distinctly 70’s”.

On a side note, sometimes the things in our dreams are build from the things in our frame of reference. God always speaks to us in a ‘language’ that we are able to understand.

When we entered this ‘living room’ there were approximately five or six other people in the room, with 12 chairs arranged in a circle — it was as if they were expecting more guests.

Anyhow, everyone was seated in this circle and even though they never actually “said” anything, the spoke to one another. The room was engulfed in unity in the Spirit! I was able to understand what they were saying without ever “speaking to them”. However, the room was not stil — there was constant conversation — like a hum — in the Spirit.

Jesus was there, and upon entering, I was immediately drawn toward Him. His Presence was magnetic and it was almost as if my feet went to Him by themselves! I immediately went to Him, and touched His hands which He held out towards me. The moment I touched Him, I knelt before Him. I was unable to stand before Him — the love that emanated from His presence was too intense!

Jesus took my hands and folded His over mine, and then He prayed for me. He place one hand on my head and blessed me, and then He asked me: “Where is your seed?”

I was like: “I don’t know!”

Then the Front Door Woman placed a mustard seed in the palm of my hand. Jesus once again folded His hands over mine, and prayed over the seed and prophesied over me. While He was praying, I saw in the Spirit how the seed in my hand was growing. It grew bigger and bigger until it became a large tree that stretched it branches over many rivers. Birds sat on the branches and larger animals rested in the shade.

When I opened my palm it was still the same small mustard seed, but I knew that, in the Spirit, it was a HUGE tree!

Jesus then prayed and prophesied over Valeska.

We were in the room for a very long time where we had fellowship with Jesus and the other people. Jesus spoke and taught, and we listened, and then He looked at Valeska and I and said: “It’s time that you plant the seed.”

Through this dream God revealed much of my ministry and calling to me. He also confirmed some of the things He had spoken to me earlier, and I was able to enjoy His intimate presence. I feel dumb when I try to describe the overwhelming peace of His presence and touch. When He put His hand on my head to bless me, I literally felt like oil was being poured over me and it soaked into every pore of my existence.

I pray that you might walk with Jesus, and that you might taste and see that He is good. May you increasingly become aware of the reality of His love and the tangibility of His presence.


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