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take time to dance!

A while ago, I posted about my Diamonds journey, and shared parts of my testimony on waiting, dating and marriage. I also touched on the things God shared with me with regard to Purity, Waiting, and Accountability.

I’m calling this post “dance!” and it’s part of my Diamonds journey.

Before I continue the post though, I’d like to welcome you to contact me with any questions or comments. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, I’ll try to answer you as best I can with the wisdom Holy Spirit gives me. (even if you’re only reading this post six years from now — you’re still welcome to ask me questions!)

You can reach me via Twitter @corneliagrace , or email me at I’d love to hear from you!

I recently had a coffee date with my friend Petunia, who asked if I would share my Diamonds testimony with her cell group. While we were sharing testimonies and revelations with one another, I started thinking how every young lady or gentleman has a Diamonds journey story.

You might not know it yet, but each of you, in a special, God-designed, perfectly planned way, have walked, or are currently walking on a Diamonds journey.

If you’re married — great! That means you’ve found the Diamond God intended for you. Your journey is one where iron sharpens iron, you and your spouse are being perfectly polished by Holy Spirit to represent the Bride of Christ in the most wonderful way!

Just before Petunia and I met for coffee, I discovered the following video:

In short, it tells the story of a young man who is about to go to Prom. His older brother slaps him on the shoulder and says: “I put something in your jacket’s pocket if you need it. I know how kids are these days,” and walks away. Watch the video to see how it all pans out.

Anyhow, as Petunia and I were discussing the relevance of Purity, Waiting and Dating, God reminded me about this video and how it was relevant to my Diamonds journey.

Many of you are growing weary of waiting for the right guy or girl to come across your path. Perhaps you’re skimming the distant horizon for possible guys/girls to marry because the immediate horizon doesn’t hold much promise. Trust me — I know how you feel!

In an earlier post ( I shared the testimony of my Abraham Encounter. I believe in the power of testimonies. Firstly — sharing testimonies remind me of God’s goodness! I feel like I want to fist-pump or do a backflip every time someone shares a story of how God provided for them or healed someone! The second reason I like sharing testimonies is because its writing out, in big fat bold capitals all across the universe how Great and Powerful God is. And the third reason I like sharing testimonies is simply because it gives your faith a Nitrogen Boost! If God did it for someone else he can certainly do it for you too!

Testimony is the seed for breakthrough!

So, here’s yet another testimony from my life. I pray it encourages you.

Please bear in mind, as you read this, that everyone’s Diamond journey is different. Maybe you’ve been abused, perhaps you’ve never dated before. Perhaps you’re divorced or perhaps you’re happily married. However, whatever your circumstances are, I KNOW God has great plans in store for you!

I’m turning 22 in less than a month. I’ve dated exactly two guys in my life before — one when I was thirteen, and one when I was fifteen. I’ve kissed only one guy in my life before, and I didn’t even know his name. And that’s the extend of relationships I’ve had.

Sometimes we do stupid stuff because we have a need to feel loved and appreciated. I know I’ve certainly done a lot of dumb stuff in my life!

In an earlier post I touched on the journey I’ve been on since I was fourteen regarding Purity. On Valentines’ Day 2004, God and I entered an agreement that I’d live a physically and spiritually pure life until I meet my husband. God started speaking to me about my Future Husband since that day.

When I was 15, I was on a camp when I woke up in the middle of the night with the most vivid memory of a dream about my husband. It was so real that I was not certain whether or not I was awake or really still sleeping. I wrote down every bit of detail I could remember from that dream, and every other thing God has told me about my Future Husband to remind myself of His promises, and, to keep record of the things I’ve prayed for.

Now, for the sake of my testimony, and the challenges I’ve faced, I’ll share some of the detail from my dream.

In the dream my Future Husband had dark hair and brown eyes. Also, I can remember how the sun bounced off of his hair. I remember the size of his hands and in the dream, he drove a blue car.

In my post about dreams and the prophetic, ( I mentioned that dreams are often made up of things that are familiar to you. God speaks in a language that you can understand. Oftentimes numbers and colours from dreams contain specific meanings, and are part of the way God constructs His messages to us, but other times, these are just things that are familiar to us and thus our subconscious uses it as a frame of reference. This is why it is important to walk every journey with Holy Spirit, and spiritual family, who will be able to point you toward scripture, and see whether it’s something God says.

Last year June/July I went through a tough patch. I had many decisions to make in terms of my career. At that stage I was half-way done with my degree, and I was uncertain what I should do once I graduate. Should I look for a job? Should I apply for honours? If I apply for Honours, what should I do? There were many things that were unclear to me at that stage. I’ve sought God’s advice so many times that I was certain that I was starting to annoy Him! It even felt like God didn’t want to answer me! At times I was doubting whether I could still hear His voice!

In my quest for answers and stability, I unknowingly stretched my hands toward anything, and anyone who remotely resembles a life buoy. Now, just to place this in context, at that stage I had already been waiting and praying for my Furutre Husband for seven years. If I had any say in the matter I’d get married the day after I met the guy! I was so in love with God and my Future Husband that I felt ready to meet him at any given moment. What I did not realise until later, was that I was in fact in love with the idea of being in love.

I know many of you have felt this way before. You don’t like going to movies with friends because most of them have dates and you’re just going to sit there by yourself, feeling lonely. So, you rather stay at home and watch a soppy love story (speaking from a girl’s perspective here!) and wish all the time that you had someone (preferably not the dog) whom could sit next to you. Yes, I know you’ve felt this way before! whether you’re a guy or a girl — at some stage you’ve wished that you just weren’t so darn alone!

Anyhow, before I interrupt my train of thought, let me get back to the relevance of my dream.

I have a real good friend whom I have known for roughly three years. He serves and loves God, and much of the things I’ve leant in my walk with Jesus I’ve learnt from him. I admire him in many ways and love him like a true brother.

However, as I was searching for stability, I suddenly thought to myself: “You know, Cornelia, the one thing that you can be sure of is that God has some great guy out there picked out to be your husband.”

Suddenly it was as if all the puzzle pieces magically came together and formed, at least, some form of an intelligible picture. It just so happened that this friend of mine, whom I love and admire, is taller than me, has dark hair, drives a blue car — it’s not rocket science, right?

Once agian, let me add al little perspective to my logic at that stage.

On my campus there’s exactly four girls to every guy, which, statistically speaking, means the chance of me meeting my GUY, is ONE out of FOUR. Also, if you add into that equation all the gay guys, guys who are already dating, and guys who do not have a relationship with God, the numbers become something like ONE to NINE. Highly unlikely that I meet my GUY, right?

It made sense that this guy, who just so happens to match the detail from my dream was right there and, to put the cherry on top, he really loves God!

I sought God’s advice on SEVERAL occasions.

Up to this day, I don’t want to enter into any relationship if it’s not going anywhere in the long run. I don’t want to mess around with my heart, or the guy’s heart if we’re not both certain that this was the person God had picked out for us.

In my desperation for clarity, I asked God for signs. I figured if God could make fire and clouds into columns the LEAST He could do for me was put up a giant neon sign over this guy’s head saying either “YES”, or “NO”. I felt so frustrated because I was DESPERATE for an answer, and I was desperate for an answer right NOW! It seemed like this guy was not only the ONLY option, but that he was also, the only option for me.

And that’s the reason this post is called “take time to dance!

If you watched the video, you’ll understand the intimacy of a slow dance.

The world has warped our interpretation of MARRIAGE so badly! We think that marriages is entirely dependant upon sex, and intimacy. If you’re not into someone, how can you POSSIBLY marry them! Right? WRONG! If marriage is a house, sex is only the cement between the bricks that fill up the spaces. 90% of your marriage should be made up of the things that do NOT involve physical attraction. Friendship, relationship — those are the things that build a house, not what ever goes on, or not on, in the bedroom!

Any relationship that has its foundation on intimacy with God is guaranteed to last. You, and your spouse should both be so deeply embedded to the rock that what ever challenges your relationship face should not be able to move you. If you’re facing difficulty in your relationship, meet with God and get His perspective on things and not just lashing our at your spouse.

Reading this you might think, “Yeah, right! She doesn’t know what my life is like!” and you’re probably right — I don’t know. BUT GOD DOES!

He knows exactly what troubles you’re facing. He knows what goes on in your heart. He knows you inside and out! He created you fearfully and wonderfully. Everything about you is known to Him! He loves you SOOOOOO much! Nothing and no-one can change His love for you. He holds you and all the mountains you’re facing smack in the middle of His heart. No matter how many mountains you have to climb, His Lamb is already at the top — ready to step forward on your behalf!

On my Diamonds Journey, one of the things I’ve been most challenged by is WAITING! Maybe it’s just my personality — I passionately dislike being late or having to wait. I despise it when things need to be done and nothing is done to make it happen. So now, eight years down this road, I’ve had my fair share of waiting! I’ve often become so frustrated! God has told me many times that I’m going to get married sooner than I think. In my very flexible ten-year-plan (refer to Come! Let’s go up the mountain!) I kind of thought that I’d at least have met the guy by now so that we could get married by the time I’m 25.

However, God in His supremacy and wisdom knows what’s good for me. I’ve reached a point of peace where, no matter how many years — or decades even — I have to wait to meet the Diamond God has chosen for me, I’m content in waiting. Not because I’m not excited to meet him or get married, but because I’ve learned that, just as I look forward to slow-dancing with my husband, now is the time to cultivate an intimate relationship with God.

How is this done? I don’t know — it’s a RELATIONSHIP, not a RECIPE!

For me, it’s a journey. A journey on which I get to put on worship music and dance in the room with Holy Spirit holding my hand. It’s a journey on which Jesus invites me to candle-lit dinners. It’s a journey on which I get to sit on Father’s lap and have Him share secrets and advice with me.

I pray that, regardless of where you are at in your relationship, you will take the time to dance.

May you be romanced by Holy Spirit. May you fall madly in love with His presence. May you go on many adventures with Him. May Jesus teach you how to be His bride. May he continually whisper to you how beautiful and special you are. You are His treasured possession! May Father hold you against His heart — listen to His heart beat! May you learn how to slow-dance, and may you constantly be surrounded with spiritual family who can encourage and strengthen you, who can hold your arms up while you have to fight.



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