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encountering heaven — guest post by Winnie Sepeng

In June this year, some of my friends from the His People church in Pietermaritzburg visited us for a mini SSL.

SSL is short for School of Supernatural Leadership. SSL is aimed at equipping and empowering leaders to bring about supernatural transformation in their spheres of influence and life. This supernatural leadership includes functioning in spiritual gifts such as healing, words of knowledge, words of prophesy, faith, signs and wonders, etcetera. Basically, it entails being a leader and raising leaders by walking in close relationship with Holy Spirit and establishing Kingdom on earth on a daily basis.

Anyhow, my friend Winnie went to heaven for the first time when pastor Jacques and his team visited us in June. Here follows her unabridged guest post. If you have any questions, or have had a similar experience, please feel free to email me! I’d love to hear from you!

This is a guest post by my close friend, dear sister, and trusted partner, Winnie Sepeng.
If you’ve had similar experiences, or any other questions — we’d love to hear from you!
May you TASTE and SEE that the Lord is good!

Never in my life did I know, never mind think I see heaven, Jesus and Abba Father while was still alive! Earlier this year in June we were supposed to attend a School of Supernatural of Leadership that was two weeks with an added one week outreach to Mozambique. However plans didn’t work out as we thought, and the school was cancelled due to little number of people registering. My friend Cornelia, who leads our church’s mission department, stayed in contact with pastor Jacques and Pastor Steven from His People Pietermatizburg, and asked whether it would be possible to have a special Potchefstroom SSL.

Pastor Jacques in the end offered to come up for the weekend with his team to have a mini-SSL (School of Supernatural Leadership). As the day approached I got more and more excited because I told God I am expecting Him to do great things, even though I didn’t know what exactly.

The first day God wanted to talk about His love. Love is such a well-known topic among Christians, but it is also oftentimes not understood. Love is such a deep concept! It’s often not really grasped and on the other hand a really misunderstood concept to those who don’t really know God.

I was one of those Christians who grew knowing up that “God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son “(John 3:16). However,  I found it difficult to grasp and understand God’s love.

After one of the soaking sessions we had during our SSL weekend, a girl named Tshinakaho (a.k.a TK) got a word from God to me. She saw me in a garden on a swing and saw me looking up, as if looking towards God, smiling. Clear crystals started falling down on me as well as around me from above. God then said His love for me is as clear as crystals and He wanted me to start coming to Him and seeking Him as God the Father; not only as Lord and King but as my Father too.

This was just so spot on because it was true that I only approached God as Lord and King, I wouldn’t dare be so comfortable with God! I mean He is God after all! Every time I worshiped God, I would see myself in the Spirit as  far from His throne. I’d kneel with my face on the ground. I wouldn’t go near Him! In  my limited revelation of God He was too Holy to be approached by someone as unworthy as myself. I guess I really revered Him, the Almighty Father. I could only freely approach Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This was the beginning of my encounter with God.

As we soaked in God’s presence, He showed me a vision of a Father sitting on a sofa and the daughter came and freely sat on the father’s lap. She then leaned on her father’s chest near his heart. It pleased the father so much to have his daughter safely on his lap, he loved the special moment he was having with his daughter. As the daughter quietly lay there he kept on telling her how much he loved her, how special and precious she is to Him. The daughter had a really happy and content smile on her face and they were having a really special ‘father and daughter’ time because their relationship was so intimate.

God told me that this was what he desired for me as a father. He told me that His love for me is as clear as crystals, no hidden agendas, no expectations before He would accept me! His love for me is as clear as a crystal! He loves me because He loves me — no terms and conditions. He told me he loves me more than my biological father could ever love me because He loves me SENSELESSLY!

The next day, God spoke to us about encounters with Him. When had another soaking session in, I didn’t really know what to expect so I just opened my heart and let Him have His way with me.

God just started freeing me from many bondages and fighting for me. Many things happened before going to heaven, but to save space and time I will go straight to the heaven part.

TK came and she told what God was saying from Songs of Songs 1:15, “You are fair my daughter, you are fair!” “Oh how I love you, oh how you are beautiful! Your eyes are like the doves. You are fair my daughter! You are fair!”

Then seconds later, as TK also saw me standing in front two huge doors and God was with me (well then I didn’t know it was actually Jesus). I was standing in front of God’s courtroom! Jesus opened the doors for me and ushered me inside. As a child I delighted in what I saw, I looked at Jesus and He nodded me to explore around. I went straight to the most colourful beautiful flowers I had ever seen. They were different colours and were bloomed out like sunflowers; wide and open! I noticed that the flowers didn’t survive from soil but they bloomed because of God’s love!

I ran around just loving this place and what I had seen from the flowers. Jesus just looked at me with a huge smile on His face and just delight. I went back to Him because I wanted to explore heaven with Him, but before we could move on, He kneeled down and clothed me with a bright white gown and a golden crown. As he clothed me He told me he told me that He is clothing me with a gown of honour and a crown of grace. He then took my hand and as we started walking I felt as if there were angels standing on the sides of the aisle and Jesus was telling them I am His daughter and I am fair! We then stopped before what I realised was the throne of God!

God was sitting on the throne and I was surprised because all along I thought I was actually with God the Father but not Jesus! I looked at Jesus and at the throne because I was coming face to face with God whom I never dared to approach. Jesus ushered me to go to God and as I stepped forward God bent to lift me up onto His lap! Immediately He said, “My daughter I have been waiting for this moment! I have been waiting for this moment!”

He then hugged me by His heart! He was so gentle, peaceful, so loving — just like a FATHER! He was so pleased and had the biggest smile I ever saw! As I lay on his lap He told me over and over and over how much He loves me. I was just so so so peaceful, so in place and so loved. He brushed my cheek and was smiling all the time as He was telling how much He loves me! Jesus just sat there with us and had a very big smile! He laid me near his heart too that I may just listen to His heart beat, that I may come to know His heart. After what felt like decades I left with Jesus and my heart was just so content!

I came to a point in my life where I wanted to know God’s love for me personally, not someone’s encounter or revelation. I wanted to understand what it means to say ‘God is love.’ I wanted to love with all that I am and I couldn’t do that if I didn’t “get” His love for me. I didn’t have to do ANYTHING big or extravagant for Him. He pursued me! I didn’thave to do anything!

After that day, my heart changed. I didn’t approach God only as Lord and King but as my Father. I started pursuing a deeper relationship with Him. I gave Him permission to lead me and guide me, to discipline me as a Father and teach me His ways. I never have to pretend with God because now I know He knows me better than I know myself. God’s love alone literally changed me, it gave me life and identity in Him.

My dear friends, I pray that you might come to understand the intimacy and reality of God’s love just as Winnie did! May you grow in your understanding of His nearness. May your heart be overwhelmed by the joy of His presence. May you see Him face to face. May you taste and see that the Lord is good, and that HE IS LOVE!


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