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the gift of fellowship

I’m currently less than 200 meters  from the Angolan border at the most northern part of Namibia, which also marks the furthest point North that I’ve ever been in Africa.

Earlier today my mum, sister, and few of the other people from our company (we’ve been on holiday since 21 March) went canoeing on the Kunene River. This river marks the border between Namibia and Angola.

from left to right, my mother, my sister Marilet and I at the border between Botswana and Namibia on the first day of our two week holiday in Namibia.

Today, I stepped on Angolan soil for approximately 30 seconds, but that’s of no relevance for this blog. Ha-ha!

Spending time with family and friends, in the enclosed proximity of a hot car over more than 1600 km, provides one with ample material for consideration.

For one, it forces you to practice Brotherly Love, Patience, Kindness, Meekness, Humility…

One of the greatest gifts in life, I believe, is the gift of Family and Spiritual Family.

This one pastor friend of mine always says “Fellowship is two fellows in a ship.”

I know! This probably sounds very corny — like some high strung quote from a religious movie, but IT’S TRUE! Now, in order to avoid lame analogies, I’ll try to speak what’s on my heart in the most simple prose possible.

As I was rowing down stream, I suddenly realized that you are often in a boat with someone with whom you share common interests. However, more often than not, you share that little space, formerly known as Your Comfort Zone, with someone who, in turn, have their own interests in mind.

People are often shocked or skeptic when I tell them that I’m a full-time missionary and a full-time student. It’s not possible to do both at once, right? WRONG! Even though I really AM a full-time campus missionary AND a full-time student, I believe it’s possible to be a full-time missionary and a full-time WHATEVER-OCCUPATION-YOU-PRACTICE.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the video of the Mission trip that Winnie and I did to Namibia in 2012. As I was reviewing it, one of the lines on the video caught my attention: “Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and the drunks; it’s good to be where the people are at.”

Is that not the most significant part of being a Christian?

I believe every Christian is called to be a contemporary missionary — your mission field is wherever you are — who’s responsibility and joy it is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people around them.

Sharing the Gospel with someone does not mean you have to convert them on the spot. It simply means that you share the love of Christ with someone who needs to know that NOTHING can separate them from God because Jesus paid the price in full.

Fellowship, to me, implies the ability to love unconditionally; to live compassionately.

I pray that each of you might be surrounded by people who love and encourage you, who will share the Good News with you, who will keep your arms up while you have to fight.

May you find yourself in a boat with someone who will encourage and challenge you. And may you, in turn, provide fellowship to another.


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