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rendez vous

Two weeks ago, my cousin, W.A. and the lovely Marese got married. This weekend also marked my youngest niece’s dedication (she’s almost three months old now and THE cutest baby ever), as well as my aunt’s 60th birthday. All in all, the weekend was filled with family, and though I had not perceived it thus initially, it was glorious.

My sister, Marilet, and our three month old niece, Annerie
My sister, Marilet, and our three month old niece, Annerie

Sunday, on the four hour drive back from Harrismith my Mum and I were discussing the importance of family, and I was filled with joyous tears because of His faithfulness. I know I’ve already said this like, a gazillion times maybe, but FAMILY truly is one of God‘s greatest gifts. This of course included friends and spiritual family. (Refer to

Arriving at the wedding, I felt a bit like an outcast. My sister and I were the only ones who did not bring dates and I felt myself feeling like the stereotypical “old lady with a cat and knitting needles” in the corner, on the outskirts of whatever’s going on — not quite at home and not quite welcome either.

My initial perception of the wedding was that it’ll be dreary and that I’d probably spend the evening talking to some elderly lady about her numerous grandchildren living in Kazakstan or some place exotic, or her cucumber plantation that has been hit with early frost.

However, it seems God had something altogether different in mind.

This post is entitled RENDEZ VOUS because, it is (in short) perhaps a story about God’s divine appointments.

My cousin W.A and his new wife, Marese, opening the dance floor as Mr & Ms Lombard.
My cousin W.A and his wife, Marese, opening the dance floor as Mr & Ms Lombard.

At W.A and Marese’s wedding, I was seated at a table with three married couples, two of whom I did not know. It made for awkward conversation! Ha-ha!  After initiating some small talk, I finally found a connection point and God was in control of the rest!

As I said, rendez vous is really about divine appointments.

I met Silma — a cousin of W.A’s on his mother’s side of the family.

The conversation was roughly anchored around the fact that she does the marketing for an big Real Estate magazine in SA, and mentioned that God had asked her to start a “contemporary” Christian magazine (in other words, a Christian magazine for non-believers) and asked whether I’d be willing to proofread some of the preliminary articles — of course I was amped! Ha-ha!

Anyhow, I asked her how she and her husband had met and she told me her amazing testimony. (Watch this space for a testimony and guest post of her DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH journey.)

Here’s the rough version of the story: Silma and her husband had been High School sweethearts. When she was 21, her parents and younger sister moved to the States while she stayed behind in South Africa to go to university. She became involved with drug abuse and married a man who was also addicted to cocaine and extacy. When she met Jesus, she left her old life behind and also divorced her (then) husband. Through out the next seven years, Silma journeyed with God through deliverance, spiritual healing and restoration. At the same time her (now) husband.

They’ve been married for a year and two weeks now. Their wedding was themed silver and pink to represent the purifying season which they both underwent (silver is refined seven times) and the pink, in turn, represents First Love.

I got goosebumps as she told me her story!

Over the course of the weekend, I shared a couple of testimonies and word of encouragements with various family members and friends of the family.

One of my favourite testimonies is of a family friend of ours that’s a missionary in the Amazon.

Years ago, a couple of missionaries went to the Amazon to share the Gospel with some of the natives. However, the tribe — being cannibals — killed all of them, except for one man who was badly injured. They let him go free on account of his multiple wounds — they figured he’d die soon enough anyway. The missionary made it to a hospital where he was treated and healed. Long story short, he went back home and told everyone about his experience in the Amazon. His congregation, for the next thirty years, went on to pray for that Amazonian tribe who killed their friends and family. A few years later, Arnold (this friend of ours) went to the Amazon to share the Gospel. When he arrived at the tribe (the same tribe that killed all those missionaries thirty years earlier) he found that all of them already knew the Gospel even though they were illiterate and no one from the outside ever reached them.

Arnold later discover that the tribe shaman, who was also the chief, had a dream one night in which Jesus appeared to him and explained the entire Gospel to him. The chief told everyone in the tribe about his dream and they all accepted Jesus.

Through the faithful prayers of believers, an entire Amazonian tribe was saved!

Now that is what I call a God appointment!

Oftentimes we Christians are way to comfortable with being a “living” Bible in stead of a “speaking” Bible. Allow me to justify. I’ve often heard people say that you should “always preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words,” which is a fair enough statement. However, I believe that you should always preach the Gospel and use words! 

Revelation 12:11 says that we shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

We just celebrated Easter, which is, to me, the most important thing to celebrate. The whole point of Jesus’s coming to earth was to die in our place as penance for our sin so that we  can be free from death and spend eternity with Father.

Our job, as Christians, is to testify of Christ’s completed work of the cross, and to do so in every season!

Divine appointments take place when God sets up an individual/group of individuals with His purpose and plan for them to hear the Good News; the news that He loves them, know what they’re going through, has good things in store for them, wants to heal them, wants to encourage them!

Before I sign off, just one last testimony.

Yesterday I was alone in the office (all the other staff members are in Johannesburg for a Danny Silk and Kris Valloton conference) when a woman walks in, asking to talk to one of the pastors. Seeing that no one else was in, I invited her to sit down. She shared her story and grievances and I had the opportunity to minister to her and pray with her. When she left after 45 minutes, I felt so encouraged! She was the one who came here for spiritual support, but in the end — God worked in my heart too!

So, basically, I suppose RENDEZ VOUS really means that God sets up divine appointments, and that we get to be a part of it!

My nephew, JC Faber (age 2), who's three month old sister was dedicated to God on Sunday.

My nephew, JC Faber (age 2), who’s three month old sister was dedicated to God on Sunday.

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