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pain goes! healing comes!

Yesterday afternoon Debrah (my fellow year-of-your-lifer) and I sat down with pastor Willem (our Apostolic leader) to discuss how our year has been thus far, how we’re doing spiritually and physically, and how we’re growing in the area of ministry we feel called to.

One of the things pastor Willem said kind-of stuck with me, he called us Miracle Workers. And, I guess, it’s true.

Matthew 16: 17 to 18 says we should heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with leprosy, and cast out demons.

Scripture even goes as far as saying these signs will follow those who believe. Now, I ask myself — shouldn’t it be the norm and not the exception that signs and wonders follow Christians?

If you know me, you’ll agree that I’m practically zero Evangelist. However, I simply LOVE sharing the Gospel! And one of the means I do it is through supernatural evangelism. SUPERNATURAL EVANGELISM is really just a couple (by this I mean two) of words that basically mean you trust Holy Spirit for a point of entry in people’s lives to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.

This is me and Abigail, my friend Eric's youngest. She's adorable and positively the smartest four year old I know.
This is me and Abigail, my friend Eric’s youngest. She’s adorable and positively the smartest four year old I know. She and I had a great time getting to know one another. Eric and his family also attended the Holy Spirit weekend.

My natural gifting is the Prophetic, so sharing words of encouragement, scripture etc, really is more than a pleasure for me. However, I am a firm believer of the fact that one acquires most spiritual growth when you function in a field that does not fall within the zone of your natural gifting. In short, you want to grow spiritually? You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone!

Now, back to supernatural evangelism. The way I do it (though this is certainly not the only way to reach the lost) is to minister with God in bringing healing — basically doing what Matthew 16 says: heal the sick, raise the dead, etc.

I’ve often prayed for people with headaches, sore legs, chest pains, back pain etc, and I simply LOVE seeing God at work, healing them and pain leaving in the Name of Jesus. But, I must say, one of the most exciting healing miracles for me, is seeing limbs grow out. (Apart from that, I’d really like to pray for someone to come back from the dead and have them alive again!)

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I went on a YWAM Holy Spirit weekend camp and, it was pretty amazing!

So, I thought I’d share a couple of healing testimonies with you guys. (And girls!)

Jana and I, on Saturday evening, spent some time talking to Michael Jordan (MJ for short), a 78-year-old Australian-Kiwi (he has residency in both countries) who told us that he climbed Table Mountain just four days earlier and he had a pain in his leg that wouldn’t go away. Jana and I volunteered to pray for him. So, normally I’d just lay my hand on his leg and command the pain to go in the Name of Jesus, and thank God for healing that comes. (Scripture says to lay hands on the sick, but there are some do’s and don’ts for ministry to which I’ll get back later.) However, this time around I heard God say — check whether his legs are the same length. I asked MJ to take off his shoes, and then held his heels next to one another, and Jana and I both agreed that his right leg was 1cm shorter than his left leg. I guess 1cm doesn’t seem like much, but it can influence your spine and hips (legs in general) to a large extend.

Anyway, I commanded the leg to grow in the Name of Jesus, and thanked God for the healing that was taking place, and asked Jana to watch from the side to see if we were making any progress.

So, while I was paying, Jana started calling out “Oh, my word! Oh, my word!” at the exact same moment that I saw MJ’s heel move forward. MJ also confirmed that he was feeling heat in his upper leg. So, BAM! right in front of our eyes, MJ’s leg grew out. We were celebrating God’s goodness when I asked MJ how the pain was, and he said it was completely gone.

So, now we were all amped up (miracles tend to create a lot of excitement! Ha-Ha.) and asked MJ what to pray for next. To which he humbly replied, “I’m an old man. I can keep you here all night.” (Jokes.)

He said that he had a bunion that bothered him, so I put my hand on his toes and repeated step one (i.e. pain go, healing come in the Name of Jesus) and I could literally feel how his toe went down-down-down. All the pain was gone, and, when he tried on his shoe again he said that nothing felt pinched!

We prayed for his ears next. (Both left and right) I started off by clicking my fingers next to his ears and asking him, on a scale of one to ten, how much he could hear. For both ears, he said about five. We prayed twice, and when we tested out the clicking again, he said that both ears had gone up to an eight!

Next, MJ said that he’d love to have the gift of tongues that enables one to speak in the local tongue, so (being all fired up) we prayed for this, and then just sat back talking about God’s goodness and faithfulness. After a while, MJ said that he had a prophetic word for Jana and started ministering to her. And then, in the middle of this, he spoke a few words Afrikaans! Jana and I were just like, whaaaat?!

It was totally awesome!

So, healing the sick, how to go about it?

This is not a clear-cut recipe that you should absolutely stick to, but common guidelines I’ve found helpful in ministry:

  • Firstly — healing is the will of God. He will always back you up when you step out in faith to pray for someone. John 10:10 says that it is the enemy that kills, steals and destroys. Jesus came so that we may have life in abundance. Sickness is just a diluted form of the spirit of death and Jesus overcame Death so that we may live!
  • If possible, let men minister to men and women to women. (Obviously, if you don’t have men/women on your team you should just be Jesus and fill in the gap.)
  • If you lay hands on the area of pain, consider the person you’re praying for. This would obviously imply that you should not poke, hit, probe etc. the area affected. Furthermore, consider the person your ministering’s privacy. If the pain/injury is somewhere “inappropriate” put your hand on his/her shoulder. On a side note, some cultures do not take to well to placing hands on heads, so before you touch someone, just check whether it’s OK with them.
  • Although scripture says to lay hands on the sick, this is God we’re talking about! I’ve often seen healings take place where no one touched anyone — He’s the God of miracles after-all!
  • Simply command the pain to go. Jesus’ Name carries all authority, and that is the authority in which we operate. You don’t have to pray fervently or pray in tongues, simply command. For example you can say something like, “Pain goes and healing comes right now, in the Name of Jesus.” Isaiah 55: 10 to 11 says that His word cannot return void, so speaking His Name is the only word you need.
  • Isaiah 53:5 says that we have healing through His wounds. In other words, Jesus’ death and suffering was enough penance for life and healing — you don’t need anything more. (Unless God tells you to go wash in a river, like he did with Naaman in 2 Kings 5).
  • Test the pain. Before healing, ask them to rate the pain on a scale of one to ten. (Ten being worst, one being least.) And then, after you prayed re-evaluate to see if there’s any improvement. You can, for example, ask them to do something they were unable to do earlier like bending toward their toes (in the case of back-pain), or wriggling toes or fingers etc.

I challenge you to step out in faith and pray for someone who experiences pain or illness.

I know it might be challenging — especially if you’re doing it for the first time, but you’ll never learn how to walk on water if you never step out of the boat.

May you have faith to move a mountain. May you heal the sick and raise the dead. May you taste the sweet joy of ministering with Holy Spirit. And, may you bring comfort by sharing the love of Christ everywhere you go.

Please email me your testimonies? I’d love to share them!

You can reach me at

Also, if you need prayer, I’d love to pray for you. Drop me a line and we can even arrange an online chat if you want.

Grace and Peace be with you.




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