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guest post by Silma Badenhorst: getting to know my Lord

This is a guest post by my  new friend Silma Badenhorst. We met on 8 April this year when our mutual cousin got married, and discovered that we have a lot of things in common. I invited her to do a guest post on my blog, and here it is! You can follow Silma's blog at:
This is a guest post by my new friend Silma Badenhorst. We met on 8 April this year when our mutual cousin got married, and discovered that we have a lot of things in common. I invited her to do a guest post on my blog, and here it is! You can follow Silma’s blog at:

Jesus‘s characteristics: a study of the book of Matthew

  1. He has respect for His Father.
  2. He is compassionate.
  3. He’s love sick for you and I, He draws hearts in the sky for you, sends you flowers and lets the birds sing to you every morning.
  4. He has charisma.
  5. He has authority over your boss.
  6. His a family man.
  7. He does not settle for second best.
  8. He is not materialistic.
  9. He can read minds and hearts.
  10. He knows what will happen before you do.
  11. He always feels like doing it, He has a servant heart.
  12. His Father knows exactly what He needs, can handle gives it with an open heart.
  13. His Father knows better.
  14. His Father does not always explain why, but Jesus trusts Him anyway.
  15. He knows His Father has solid advice and does not sway from that.
  16. He loves His Father and they spend time together, chatting about life, people, if someone hurt Him or rejects Him, or just laughing telling jokes.
  17. He is not afraid to try something new.
  18. Definitely Brave.
  19. He knows His bible backwards.
  20. He loves flat bread, lamb and fish.
  21. He likes to braai.
  22. He knows what   of Him.
  23. Jesus does no look at my status or my income bracket, and rates no person higher than me. He can love you just as much as He loves me.
  24. He has no favourites.
  25. He loves to teach me and give testimony of His amazing life story.
  26. He does not look at my body fat, face, fancy clothes, my car, house or deformities.
  27. He is not concerned about you being the best.
  28. He does not remember my past faults and failures.
  29. He is bold as a lion.
  30. and loves people and children
  31. He loves organising and planning parties.
  32. Loves to socialize and talk to people in fellowship.
  33. His patient.
  34. He can be alone and knows Himself well, He loves His privacy.
  35. His intelligent.
  36. He feels others’ pain, loss and disappointment, He has empathy with them.
  37. His passionate about His life.
  38. Jesus is creative, talented and loves maths.
  39. He defies the laws of maths and science and death.
  40. Does not regret anything He has done.
  41. Not concerned about people who gossip behind His back.
  42. Hates to argue, He leaves when it starts.
  43. He does not get into heated discussions about belief systems, He just quotes His life story.
  44. His fair.
  45. He doesn’t negotiate any transaction, yes is yes and no is no.
  46. He never borrows, He has the riches Dad ever.
  47. If someone wants to borrow from Him, He always says yes and gives  you the best He has and then you never have to pay Him back.
  48. He keeps all His promises, and never forgets them.
  49. He will never hurt someone back.
  50. Jesus does not make you guess.
  51. He prays for everyone that ignores Him, hates Him, insults Him, alienates Him, takes His salary, over tax Him, swears at Him, gives Him bad service, hurts Him, gossips about Him, lies to Him, uses Him, never wants to see Him again.
  52. Never pretends.
  53. Does not think He is better than anyone.
  54. He loves to help without expecting anything in return.
  55. He absolutely loves surprises, especially if it is for you.
  56. He loves spending time with me, laughing, crying, sharing, helping.
  57. He wants so badly to help when you fall.
  58. He leaves you speechless, beautiful, cleansed, breathless.
  59. He does not use plasters, he heals.
  60. He never doubts His Dad’s love.
  61. He loves the sea and travelling on boats.
  62. He loves the valleys, nature, flowers, animals, fresh air, the stars, picnics, long walks, the birds and open skies.
  63. He loves romancing, especially wooing you.
  64. He gets excited about miracles like a little boy, He jumps up and down and sings with His friends.
  65. Weddings are His favourite parties.
  66. He loves making new things, especially furniture.
  67. He loves being organised.
  68. He takes everything that’s wrecked, depraved, wide of the mark and replaces it with something 10 times better, every time.
  69. He keeps things private, with His family, His friends and outer circle.
  70. His not competitive.
  71. Waterfalls — He can watch for hours and listen.
  72. He washes your feet even if you not looking.
  73. He loves fragrances and oils.
  74. He loves white, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, red, violet, turquoise.
  75. His favourite colours is blue and purple.
  76. He decorates with emeralds, gold, silver and marble.
  77. He loves to rest.

Jesus the PERFECT example for me, my desire is to be more like you Lord

Taken from the book of Matthew (Bible)



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