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politics and freedom

i usually don’t indulge in political posts, but i feel that i have something to share that relates to my country, south africa, and africa as a whole.

so, today has been about retrospection: everything from the anglo-boer war (and even the arrival of the european immigrants before that) up until the recent election has been taken into account, and these are my thoughts:

• south africa has always been a multi-cultural country. once people start seeing themselves as one nation (ie the rainbow nation nelson mandela envisioned) rather than different nations within one country, things will change.
• apartheid was never about racism. it was about development. however, people act out of fear (this goes for all “hues” of the colour spectrum), and fear amasses into violence.
• if more people were prompted to act out of LOVE rather than FEAR, the world would look much different. and, this goes for every country that has ever seen war.
• no president/leader is ever popular in the face of war. people will always judge. no, they might not have the solutions, but they sure have opinions.
• uninformed people are powerless people.
• when people stop using religion as a justifier, and power stronghold, things will change. it is not our religious differences that pervert our unity, but our inability to love.
• tolerance is not the answer. love is.
• a good leader is of no use unless he/she is also a righteous leader.
• power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. people should govern themselves. yes, no political system is ever without faults, but we will never grow towards something better if we keep holding on to, and keep referring back to the mistakes/grudges of the past.
• the ANC of today has perverted the freedom the ANC of the 60’s fought for.
• one does not, and cannot, compensate for one’s own loss and pain by inflicting that exact same “punishment” on others.
• world peace will only happen when we understand love, and most of all, come to know the One who created and embodies it.
• freedom is not something tangible. it’s not living conditions. it’s not education. it’s not language. it’s not a bank balance. it’s not nkandla. freedom is a revelation of identity. it’s only when we understand who we are that we will understand that freedom is not a fight or a struggle, but it is a gift!

now, you may proceed. i’ll be on the voter’s roll in 2016. or not. who knows.

i’m proud to be south african, yes, but i’m even more glad to be an AFRICAN, called for a time and a place such as

p.s. you are welcome to email me, or comment, should you like to know more, or would like to share your own opinion on the matter. my contact details are on the “about me” page 🙂


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