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You’re Not a “Plan B” Kind of Girl

Dear ladies, (and you men who read my blog), I came across this wonderful entry by Ashlin and I gladly share it with you.

Three weeks ago, I started dating Tobie — the first serious relationship in my life. It’s been equally challenging and rewarding, and God has been teaching and guiding me through much of it.
If you read through some of my earliest blogs from 2012, you’ll notice that many of them share my testimonies on dating, waiting and marriage. I’ve been praying for my Future Husband since 2004, and now, after 10 years, I’ve found (or rather, he found me) a man who shares my love for God, my dreams and hopes.
Being in a relationship is one part finding a person you like and nine parts becoming the right person for them.

I hope you find this shared post insightful. Ultimately — God is true to His word and He never goes back on His promises. Don’t give up hope.

Love in Christ,


DeathtoStock_Spring7You deserve better than someone who is afraid to commit to you. It may seem like enough for now. You’re just taking things slow. Oh, how I know those little phrases of “one day” and we just need time.

You believe them.
And I’ve believed them.

But you’re not a plan B kind of girl.

You need to know that you’re not the invisible one standing in the back who gets chosen last.

You’re the girl who the team captain will be frantically hoping doesn’t get picked by someone else before he gets a turn. You’re a first-pick kind of girl. And no one worth having sits back and lets those girls wait around.

‘Cause every good man knows that the good ones get gone fast.

He should be jumping out of his skin in anticipation to call out your name and say “I pick you.”

“But he’s…

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