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You should’ve seen it coming. The fog rolling in from the trees, gathering around your feet. The eerie quiet that preceded it. And then, the quaking of the earth as their hands started digging toward the surface. Sinewy limbs clawing toward the pale light of the moon.

Your heart starts thumping wildly, beating in an off-beat rhythm to the ringing in your ears.

A moaning howl echoes through the night.

Your throat clenches shut.

This meant only one thing: ZOMBIES.

 zombie-hand-rising-from-grave-wallpaper-532a71df170ebI don’t know if you guys have ever experienced this sensation (for lack of a better word):

a recurring situation, not entirely unlike a bad deja vu,which keeps repeating itself year-after-year, or season-after-season.

I like to call it: Spiritual Zombies.

This past week or so has been, to put it mildly, apocalyptic. Okay, I know that’s quite an exaggeration, but I’ve had easier times.

If you ask around, nine out of ten people would say that they’ve hadn’t had it easy in life.

This “easiness” of course implies multiple things — relationships, finances, education, socio-political circumstances — you name it. Everyone has their own giants to face and their own dragons to kill. (Check out my other blogs about dragons for some background context to my use of these metaphors.)

Life in Christ fundamentally implies a life free of sin — that was the point of the cross — and victory as a result thereof. Holy Spirit is the Voice of Trust that speaks to our hearts (a.k.a. our spirits) and reassures us of this victory. If you read the Bible — God’s Word — you will find that God never contradicts himself in the things that He speaks. (If you have questions about this, feel free to email me.)

The point, my dear friends, is that those zombies, the things we’ve already dealt with in past seasons or years, sometimes seem to be clawing at the ground, wanting to break the surface, rising from the dead.

One of the enemy’s favourite tactics is this little thing called a “guilt trip” in which he tries to remind us of our sin and the shame it brings about. This in effect removes the intimacy of a relationship with God.

Check out my blog on Sanctuary for more:

Even though the devil really sucks at leaving the past in the Past, these spiritual zombies are not always “sin”.

The zombies I’ve been facing this past couple of weeks happen to be things that aren’t all that daunting. Oftentimes, the things that “haunt” us are not even real things, they’re just shadows of things that have already been defeated on the cross.

In my life, these zombies most often pertain to the relationships — especially my relationship with my father. I know many of us have daddy-issues, and it’s mostly because a relationship with our Heavenly Father is so important. The relationship we have with our earthly fathers is directly linked to our spiritual understanding of sonship.

An understanding of identity — who we were created to be — goes hand in hand with the time we spend with Him, and a relationship of intimacy. What God longs for and desires above all is for YOU to spend time with HIM. The good news is that you can! Jesus already paid the price! The veil that separated you from God’s presence has been torn. See what Hebrews has to say on this matter:

Let us then fearlessly, confidently, and boldly draw near to the throne of grace(the throne of God’s unmerited favour to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it.] HEBREWS 4: 16 (AMP)

October usually presents me with a number of challenges. The academic year is drawing to a close which means that there’s the extra pressure of exams and assignments that need to be finished in time. Also, everyone is tired after a year packed with stress and work, and this in turn affects our relationships with those around us. Other aspects such as my sister’s health, our family’s financial situation, relationships with relatives and co-workers make up the bulk of things that I’ve brought before God countless times.

The thing that frustrates me most about these challenges is the fact that they keep on coming back year after year, or season after season, despite the fact that I’ve dealt with it — they’re DEAD.

So, here’s the thing I’ve learned about the spiritual zombies that I’ve faced: sometimes zombies come back, not because you haven’t dealt with things, but because you haven’t grown in the revelation of the victory you’ve received. And this too, is not something that is necessarily within your control. Okay, let me clarify. A spiritual truth is eternal. It cannot be changed. God’s Word cannot return void. So, let’s take this truth: YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN. We might understand it with our minds, but for our lives to reflect and manifest this truth, it takes time to grow and tend the revelation thereof as one would nurture a seed sown in good soil.

In John 5 we find the story of a man who was paralyzed for many years. When Jesus walked past him, the man cried out to God to heal him. In verse 8, Jesus says “Get up, pick up your bed and walk.” The effect of God’s words was that the man was immediately healed. He picked up his bed and walked.

It sounds simple enough, but I bet you that, after being paralyzed for years, this man had to get used to walking again. He probably had to practise running, for all I know. If we don’t act upon a revelation — such as that we are healed — we might sit on our beds forever, equipped with the belief that we are whole and complete, but passive in our growth and practise thereof.

(On a side note — God CAN heal instantly and I’ve seen many miracles where people break out in a run after being healed, but that’s not the issue here.)

And, the thing about zombies is that they’re dead. Dead things cannot grow. That’s why we need LIFE. And life is found in Jesus!

John 10: 10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

So, before you run to the nearest supermarket to stack up on tinned food and long-life milk or streamers or treadmills, or whatever other things you think you might need in the event of a zombie apocalypse, DON’T LOOSE HOPE.

Jesus is alive and well. He already defeated Death. His word says that perfect love casts our fear. And He is of course the personification of Love.

I don’t know what your zombies look like, or what challenges you face, but this is the one tool I’ve tried and tested in the face of the apocalypse:

  • Delve into Scripture. The more time you spend studying God’s Word, the bigger your arsenal of Spiritual Truths become. Holy Spirit will remind you of these truths as you walk in relationship with Him.
  • Target practice. When you walk in the revelation of His love and the freedom it brings, it empowers us to live a life free from sin. This is like target practise — the more you do it, the better you will become at it, and soon it will be second nature.
  • Fellowship and discipleship. Surround yourself with friends and family that speak into your life, that can keep you accountable, that can remind you of God’s goodness.

Psalm 118:16 The right hand of the LORD is exalted; The right hand of the LORD does valiantly. 17I will not die, but live, And tell of the works of the LORD.



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