Where Dragons Sleep

There and back again

Day 23

Being a fanatical fan of dragons myself, I found the saying of “slaying your dragons” always a little too heartless. They just want hugs…and…you know…flesh and stuff. So, today’s task is to make a list of distractions in my life that keeps me from my full potential, or something equally existential.

I suppose its only fair to clarify that studying keeps me distracted from watching anime, and anime distracts me from a social life. All relative I guess.

Okay, fine.

Distractions…those sleeping drakes that burden potential, and which I am often too fond of to drive a sword through:

1. Fear
Justification and logic may impede on decisions of the heart; decisions I have always wanted to make: get a tattoo, fall in love with a dangerous stranger, retake a hobby, or just…believing in myself.

2. Pride
Aah yes, the fall of man; one sin is most responsible…

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