run with the wolves

Earlier this week one of my friends, Marcel, posted this quote on Facebook:

“Sy hardloop voor… Die een wat jag en tussen wolwe woon.”

Translated, it says: she is a front-runner… she who hunts, and lives among the wolves.


There is something about wolves, perhaps their wild spirit, that I cannot put down in words. I want to run through forests and yell at the top of my lungs. I want to stand on the edge of a cliff and drink from the waterfall.

I came across this video on YouTube, about wolves changing the course of rivers.

You’ve probably heard about it. In September 2015, rangers released a pack of wolves into Yellowstone.

It’s the first time in 70 years that wolves came into this area.
What really astonished me was how, not only the animals, but the whole landscape reacted to the wolves’ arrival.

Joana Daigle says that “ecologists call this kind of large-scale change a trophic cascade. Scientists appreciate it because it may be able to predict the impact of a single species on the health of the whole. But nothing about Yellowstone’s wolves is simple, politically or scientifically.”

What intrigues me most about wolves is their ability to survive alone, but to be just as effective in a pack.

In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul speaks about the body of Christ (the church) saying that we are one body, but many members.


Last year I had the privilege of meeting a wolf. Yes, a wolf in South Africa.

His name is Willem and he was rescued from an abusive home.He now lives in a sanctuary which he shares with:
• 16 lion cubs
• 9 Great Danes (of which one is completely blind) who were all rescued from the SPCA
• 3 horses
• 1 dachshund
• 2 cats
• 4 leopard turtles
• 8 billy goats
• a pond full of koi

I hope that, wherever you are in this season of your life — leading the pack or kind of figuring things out along the side — that you will have the courage to run with the wolves.


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