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The Star Breather 

In 2010 I had a dream in which I was standing on a balcony, and I was browsing through the stars in much the same way that you would browse through Google Sky Maps.

I remember that the galaxies I saw before me seemed thick and soupy and I couldn’t resist the urge to dive in. So, I jumped over the balcony rail and I started swimming through the stars.

As I swam, I came to a white house with Grecian pillars framing the front door. I wanted to knock, but before my knuckles could reach the door, a woman with long dark hair opened the door, and she spoke to me in Hebrew, saying “I know why you are here. You have come to find the one they call Yeshua.” And then she invited me inside. Up until this day I have no idea how I was able to speak and understand Hebrew.

She lead me down a corridor, and showed me into a living room where many other people were gathered.

I was aware of people, and conversations that were taking place, but I was immediately drawn to Jesus. He was standing in the middle of the room with out stretched hands, as He had been waiting for me to come.

I fell down at His feet.

He placed his hands in my head and asked me, “Where is your seed?”

I felt so ashamed and ill-prepared — I didn’t know that I had to bring anything.

Jesus took my hand and placed a mustard seed in my palm, and then he prophesied over it. And I could see how it expanded into a large tree which provided shade and rest to people from all nations.
This prophetic dream still baffles me from time to time.
Tonight, as I was meditating the life of Joseph I was reminded anew that God works in ways that are far beyond our understanding or expectation. Joseph knew that he was destined to rule alongside kings. Yet, his brothers ridiculed him.

Joseph dreamt about stars too, and He knew that that was part of God’s plan for his life. Yet, before Joseph was promoted to second in command over Egypt (and the Isrealites finding refuge from famine), he was thrown into a pit, sold as a slave, and was thrown into jail.

Still, Joseph remained faithful. And obedient. And by trusting God, he was able to fulfill the calling on his life.

I have no idea how God plans to play out the promises and plans He has in store for me, but I know for certain that the Star Breather holds me in His hand.
I pray that, despite the difficulties you might face, you will be reminded anew about the plans and purposes God has in store for you. That you might be filled with hope and expectation, and that you might KNOW and BELIEVE and EXPERIENCE  that the Star Breather holds you in the palm of His hand.

“by the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host.” ~ psalm 33:6

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