chronicles of Fire

This blog is dedicated to miracles and dreams and revelations and heaven!

Hi, my name is Cornelia Grace.
I’m an African.
A Student.
A Revivalist.
A Missionary.
I love Jesus more than anything!
I pray this blog blesses you!
Feel free to email me questions or comments at
May you TASTE and SEE that God is good!

I love sharing stories about God’s awesomeness!

Above anything else, I believe that Jesus is the answer to everything. In Him lie hidden the secrets of darkness and the key to Life. Scripture says that He came so that we may have LIFE and it in abundance.

This blog is but one of the mediums which I use to celebrate Him in my LIFE!

If you want to be in the loop on Supernatural on-goings in my life — this blog is the spot you’ll find it!

Actually, my life is pretty ordinary, but Jesus + My Life = Adventure!

I’d very much love to hear YOUR testimonies, so feel free to share them or contact me via Twitter (@corneliagrace) or email me at

I pray that you might get to know God for WHO HE IS, that you might walk in intimate relationship with Him and that you might TASTE and SEE that HE IS GOOD!


2 thoughts on “chronicles of Fire

  1. Ms.Cornelia, I love ur topic on diamonds. I truly believe you are special inspiration to everyone around you and u truly have been that to me. I love ur topic. I truly believe in miracles and the gifts of the Spirit. I would also love to more about how God is using u. U have my email please share. Start back with diamonds.
    God bless you sister.

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